What's a Hair Transplant's cost?

As a rough guide we state that the process prices around 2.50 per hair. This implies that for somebody with a amount of baldness, the process might be around 6,000-8,000. The prices can grow. If you’d prefer an Unshaven (U-FUE) hair transplant, then the price increases further. Processes wind up breaking up between 6,000-9,000. Extensive hair recovery processes might be divided to two processes with a gap between them.

Prices are calculated from the time required, quantity of the difficulty of this process along with hairs. For example, an unshaven (U-FUE) baldness requires significant training and expertise to attain fantastic outcomes. It takes more than a FUE hair transplant and is difficult. This adds to the price. While is an exciting improvement for baldness, the normal 3G FUE hair transplant will be preferred by some patients if they’re wanting to keep prices down.

Are there cost differences between practices?

Cost reflects expertise and caliber. Isn’t a guarantee though is essential for patients explore the process and also to take a look at before and after photographs available. For FUT procedure and means, prices begin in around3,000 and are reduced. The Personal Clinic strives to supply the very best and many invasive procedures so we offer you the very best services and just don’t offer you the FUT method.


For a patient having hair loss, an FUE process will start for hair transplant surgeons and tier clinics. Please do be sure that you understand why if you’re quoted a cost that is lower. You also please do treat it and have one body. If you’re left with scarring and outcome what might look to be a fantastic deal may not wind up being just one. Here at The Personal Clinic patients who need baldness to fix baldness are unfortunately seen by us.

What can you be told by The Personal Clinic ?

We may provide you a starting cost . We can counsel you on what medicine you may gain from taking about the processes before information in addition to a hair transplant. We can speak with you about the scarring, reported and downtime distress in addition to the dangers and what we do to minimise them.

In a consultation, you’ll be supplied a scalp investigation and get to speak. Our hair transplant surgeons want the very best for each individual and are enthusiastic about their job. Please do have a look at site and our sites develop a list of questions to ask in a consultation and to obtain a lot of advice.

You will read a number of our own hair and we pride ourselves on supplying the Highest Quality and maintenance That’s shown using our star rating transplant review under;

I had consultations by which hair transplant cost in jodhpur at ALCSIndia made sure I knew the process will work, he decided that I advised me to take lots of time, and realistic expectations.


Process was 2 days, the team made sure that I was comfortable during and were friendly. I’d have some and follow up appointments because. Extremely satisfied with the encounter as a whole and the end result! 

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